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Who Uses Icespike?


ICESPIKE makes winter training possible through all conditions!

ICESPIKE ice spikes are engineered to:

  • withstand extreme abuse and provide exceptional surface penetration
  • firmly to engage the sole of the shoe which prevents loosening
  • promote self-cleaning of ice, snow and debris
  • maintain integrity of grip for up to 500 miles

ICESPIKE is the only traction system that:

  • allows the runner the natural feel of foot to ground interaction
  • is lightweight and unobtrusive
  • eliminates the need to alter pace or gait
  • prevents the muscle injury and fatigue associated with heavy strap-on spikes, coils or chains
  • eliminates the pressure on the top of the foot or the bulk underneath of other systems

ICESPIKE wearers can begin a course on dry pavement and remain relaxed and confident when encountering unsuspected conditions such patches of black ice.

Adventure and Trail Runners


ICESPIKE enhances the grip of trail shoes and is the only and best traction system that can safely transition to any terrain!

From traction on ice, traction in snow, or traction for any slippery conditions - Navigate slick situations at any time of year:

  • wet and muddy
  • rocky or loose gravel
  • root-bound, uneven
extreme and ultra runners


ICESPIKE ice cleats are not just for winter! Get the "Icespike edge" in extreme conditions!

  • comfort and natural feel of foot to ground interaction
  • control and stability on rough, inconsistent terrain
  • low profile, lightweight design for long distance running
  • eliminates muscle fatigue
  • helps avoid injury
  • maintain gait and pace
walkers, hikers and trekkers


ICESPIKE creates traction for walking shoes and enhances the traction of hiking boots!

  • provides stability & security when the going gets rough on any terrain
  • navigate in any conditions or in any season
  • maintain stride with comfort and confidence
dog walkers


ICESPIKE snow and ice treads can be installed on any footwear!

  • Boots kept ready at the door for dog walking time - even a small dog can pull an owner over
  • Muck & Riding boots fitted with ICESPIKE provide traction in the stable yard & out in the field
  • Riders can transition to putting feet into stirrups with ICESPIKE
  • ICESPIKE is great for Canicross, the sport of cross-country running with dogs
outdoor sports


ICESPIKE is a simple, cost-effective way to create traction for boots and traction for waders!


  • fishermen stable on slippery jetties, mossy rocks and riverbeds
  • ice fishermen and ice boaters safe on frozen lakes
  • hunters on track over difficult terrain
outdoor workers


For Outdoor Workers who need work boot cleats, ICESPIKE installed on work boots helps prevent on-the-job injuries!

  • saves time and energy navigating difficult work areas
  • allows workers to transition between ice, slush, snow, dry pavement and back to ice
  • wearers can drive vehicles with ICESPIKE on boots and safely climb metal or wood ladders

Great for:

  • Highway and Utilities Maintenance
  • Homeowners
  • Mail and Package Delivery
  • Agricultural Workers
  • Ski, Sled, Ice skating area Operators
seniors and elderly


ICESPIKE is the best traction for senior safety - once Icespike is installed on the soles, shoes and boots are always ready. Stability on ice and stability in snow are critical for senior safety!

  • eliminates the difficult task of bending down to put on/remove strap-on devices, especially for those with arthritic or joint-replacement limitations
  • helps prevent the falls that are particularly dangerous for older folks
  • eliminates the worry about parents/grandparents walking out on ice sidewalks and driveways
  • can be worn on transportation buses/vans and into most businesses, offices and stores
fun for all with icespike


ICESPIKE non-slip snow and ice treads are:

  • versatile, from snowy and icy to any treacherous conditions, even transition to dry pavement
  • durable, long-lasting extreme traction
  • simple and easy to install & can be removed
  • economical - one size fits all
  • lightweight, comfortable and unobtrusive
  • installed directly onto sole of shoe or boot; once removed, does not affect integrity of sole

ICESPIKE ice spikes eliminate the problems of strap-on devices that are:

  • heavy and uncomfortable
  • need frequent adjustments
  • slip out of place and break
  • used only for certain conditions such as snow or ice but not both
  • have to be removed and reinstalled depending on terrain
  • cannot be worn on dry pavement
Icespike Runner In Snow
Walker With Dogs Using Ice Spikes On Shoes
Fisherman with tracking system on shoes
Workers with ice traction system on shoes
Senior Citizens using icespike to prevent slips and falls
Nancy Hobbs running with icespikes
Hiker using Ice Spikes on boots
Runner With Dogs
Dan running with icespikes on shoes
michele yates runs with icespike

Unbelievable the traction that Icespike provided on the entire Appalachian Trail last summer. Made the trek enjoyable. On to the John Muir Trail and the High Sierra Region.

- Tim, Professional Photographer and Graphic Designer
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