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Iceland Retail Stores

Please call for availability. Some stores run out very quickly.

This page is for all our Iceland shoppers. We currently have many stores in Iceland that carry Icespike locally. Purchasing from your local store will save you money on shipping, allow you to get and start using immediately, as well as supporting your local businesses. Thank you for purchasing Icespike from your local Iceland distributors.

600 Akureyri
Tel: 462 4002

600 Akureyri
Tel: 461 1445

Lyfjaval Urðarhvarfi
Urðarhvarfi 8,
203 Kópavogur
Tel: 516 5505

Austuvegi 13-15
800 Selfoss
Tel: 482 1660

Fætur Toga
Höfðabakki 3
110 Reykjavík
Tel: 557-7100


Heimkaup: online
Tel: 539-3535

Fákafeni 11
108 Reykjavík
Tel: 859-9543

Kringlan and Stórhöfði
Tel: 569-3100

Skóbúð Húsavíkur
Garðarsbraut 13
640 Húsavík
Tel: 464 1337

Hallarmúli 2
108 Reykjavik
Tel: 510 9505


Verslunin Axel Ó
Bárustíg 6
900 Vestmannaeyjum
Tel: 481 1826

Stúdíó Sport
Austurvegi 9
800 Selfossi
Tel: 482 1120

Apótek Suðurlands
Austurvegi 24-26
800 Selfoss
Tel: 482 1182

Kaupfélag Borgfirđinga
Egilsholti 1
310 Borgarnesi
Tel: 430 5500


Icespike Runner In Snow
Walker With Dogs Using Ice Spikes On Shoes
Fisherman with tracking system on shoes
Workers with ice traction system on shoes
Senior Citizens using icespike to prevent slips and falls
Nancy Hobbs running with icespikes
Hiker using Ice Spikes on boots
Runner With Dogs
Dan running with icespikes on shoes
michele yates runs with icespike

Unbelievable the traction that Icespike provided on the entire Appalachian Trail last summer. Made the trek enjoyable. On to the John Muir Trail and the High Sierra Region.

- Tim, Professional Photographer and Graphic Designer
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