safety for outdoor construction worker

ICESPIKE™ ice spikes are essential for Outdoor workers who need work boot cleats and work shoe traction. ICESPIKE™ traction gear installed on work boots and shoes helps prevent on-the-job injuries!

ICESPIKE™ is like snow treads for your feet!

  • saves time and energy navigating work areas
  • transition between ice, slush, snow and dry pavement
  • allows wearer to drive vehicles
  • safely climb metal or wood ladders

ICESPIKE™ traction studs are great for:

  • Construction workers
  • Highway and Utilities Maintenance
  • Refuse Collectors
  • Mail and Package Delivery
  • Agricultural Workers
  • Ice Skating, Ski and Sled area Operators
  • Landscape and Property Managers
  • Homeowners
traction for walking senior in snow

ICESPIKE™ ice grips address the limitations of strap-on devices and senior mobility. Stability on ice and stability on snow are critical for Senior safety and security!

ICESPIKE™ traction spikes are easily installed on the soles of shoes and boots, and footwear is always ready!

  • eliminate the difficult task of bending down to put on/remove strap-on traction devices, especially for those with arthritis or joint-replacement limitations
  • help prevent the falls that are very dangerous for older folks
  • can be worn on transportation buses/vans and into most offices, businesses and stores
  • eliminate the worry of loved ones walking on icy sidewalks and driveways where accidents occur
  • cost-effective peace of mind

Don't be caught off-guard! Be ready with the best traction system on the market!

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ICESPIKETM Deluxe Package
1 Precision Tool + 32 spikes
$29.99 US Dollars. With purchase of Deluxe Package, additional sets of spikes are available for $16.99 ( US Dollars) at Checkout. Buy several sets for family and friends!


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Buy a Set of 32 spikes without the purchase of a Deluxe Package.
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